General and Cancellation Conditions

General and Cancellation conditions no. 1 from 22.3.2010

1. Introductory provisions

Ilona Šmiková – Uphill Travel with place of business in Rokytnice nad Jizerou 3/247, registration no. 61201405 (hereinafter Uphill Travel) is the travel agency with its primary goal to satisfy its customers in the tourist district.

General and Cancellation Conditions establishes mutual relation between customer and the travel agency Uphill Travel.

Our agency provides customers with accommodation services only, cost of transport cover customers at their own expenses.

2. Ordering of stay and payment conditions

Your stay can be ordered by e-mail, by written form, by phone or personally in our agency. If the property is available in the requested term, Uphill Travel will confirm an order and at the same time will send you an invoice for settling an advance payment and remaining amount. By paying the advanced payment by the customer is considered an expression of acceptance and approval of these General and Cancellation Conditions.

a) advance payment: Advance payment of 30%(the day of placing to account with Uphill Travel is understood) no later than 3 days from the date of ordering, otherwise (if the advance payment will not be paid in time) it is considered as cancellation of order and the property will be available for other customers.

b) remaining amount: Remaining amount of the total amount has to be placed to account with Uphill Travel no later than 42 days before the beginning of the stay, if the remaining amount will not be paid in time, cancellation conditions shall be applied.

In case of ordering the stay at a time shorter than 42 days before the date of the rental, the customer shall pay the 100% amount of the rent within the date stated on the invoice.

Upon receiving the remaining amount of the total amount, Uphill Travel will issue and send to the customer a voucher and description of the route to the property, and/or additional important information so that the customer had it 10 days before the beginning of the stay at the latest.

3. Property rental price

The price includes: water consumption, electric energy consumption (gas), bed linen (as per number of persons, 1 set /1 week/1 person), property cleaning, unless otherwise stated.

4. Guidelines for accommodation

Beginning of the rent is on arrival day usually between 15 and 18 o’clock. End of the rent is usually on Saturday by 10 o’clock. Individual adjustment of beginning or ending of the rent has to be agreed in advance.

Landlord or housekeeper will familiarize the customer with the property and the customer will collect the key for the property. Landlord or housekeeper is entitled to charge the customer a deposit in usual amount of CZK 3000 (EUR 100) per property upon arrival (unless stated otherwise). Landlord or housekeeper will check the property condition at the end of the stay and return the deposit to the customer provided that everything is in the same condition as on arrival.

Accommodation is permitted only for the number of persons stated in the voucher. This also applies to the land belonging to the property. In case of breach of this condition, landlord or housekeeper has the right to terminate the stay immediately without refund.

If the pets are allowed it is always only one pet (for example dog). Additional pet has to be agreed in advance. Each pet is charged usual amount CZK 390 (EUR 15)/1 week that is payable directly to landlord at the property (the exact sum is stated on the invoice).

We woud like to draw your attention to the fact that some properties have only a well as a source of water (sometimes only with industrial water) and especially in hot summer days it is necessary to save it. Properties are equipped according to the tastes and capabilities of individual landlords. Stairs to the attic can be very steep in some objects and the attic often has chamfered attic ceilings.

Swimming pools, that are available at some properties, can be usualy used in June, July, August and September (unless otherwise stated).

During use of the properties you must comply with „house rules“ of individual objects, as defined by each landlord.

5. Participants of stay

Participant of stay has to reach age of 18 years before the date of arrival. Persons under 18 years can only participate accompanied by legitimate representative or responsible person older than 18 years.

6. Cancellation conditions

a) cancellation by the customer

The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time prior to beginning of the stay. This withdrawal must be made in writing. The contractual relation and the participation shall be considered cancelled on the day of reception of the notice (cancellation) by Uphill Travel. Upon cancellation, the customer shall pay the following cancellation fees to Uphill Travel:

  • cancellation on arrival day or later : 100% of the total amount
  • cancellation in period between 28. day (including this day) up to the day when the rental starts: 90% of the total amount
  • cancellation in period between 42. day (including this day) up to 28. day before the rental starts: 60% of the total amount
  • cancellation 42 days before the rental starts: 30%

Should the customer fail to assume the accommodation without prior cancellation, Uphill Travel shall be entitled to the full amount of the rent.

Should the customer cancel part of the rental, during the stay, of their own accord, they shall be entitled to no refund.

Uphill Travel is entitled to deduct cancellation fees from already paid advance payment. In case that cancellation fee is higher than already paid advance payment, customer is liable to settle this difference in period of 10 days at the latest from placing the withdrawal in writing. Should the customer fail to do so, Uphill Travel is entitled to charge the customer contractual fine in amount of CZK 500 for each day of delay.

In case the settled advance payment is higher than cancellation fee, Uphill Travel is bound to return the difference to the customer within 10 days from reception of the notice about cancellation of order.

b) cancellation by Uphill Travel

Uphill Travel is entitled to cancel the stay in case serious and unforseen circumstances beyond the control of Uphill Travel arise (natural disaster, catastrophe, other unexpected events) for which it is not possible to organize the stay. In this case Uphill Travel will offer the customer, within its resources, adequate substitutive apartment. If Uphill Travel is not able to offer alternative apartment or the customer refuses it then Uphill Travel will return the customer already paid amount for the stay. The customer has no right to demand any other compensations.

7. Responsibility for damages

Customers use property and its accessories at their own risk. Uphill Travel is not responsible for injuries, damages, losses or theft of possessions, damages induced at health and possessions of a third party as well as nature disasters, terroristic attacks, strikes, all kind of violence, etc. for the entire period of stay.

8. Insurance

Uphill Travel does not provide any kind of insurance for participants of stay nor it is included in price of stay. Participants of stay provide insurance for themselves individualy at their own expenses.

9. Claims procedure

a) We have personaly checked all properties, if customer finds deficiencies or defects at property there must be a complaint made on the spot to lanlord (housekeeper) that is responsible for property condition. If the complaint is not dealt with to customer satisfaction in reasonable time and influences your quality of stay, customer must immediately report the complaint to Uphill Travel who will handle the processing of complaint. Delayed complaints will be disregarded.

b) Uphill Travel is not responsible for any changes in property surroundings (for example liquidation of restaurant, shop, ski lift, pool etc.). We strive to keep this information as fresh as possible but we cannot assume responsibility for public sources from which we draw this information. Data on distances to individual services and recreational opportunities are only indicative.

c) Uphill Travel is not responsible for the occurrence of insects, rodents and animals in and around buildings, for reception and quality of television signals, the quality of drinking water and for construction or building activities and other noises and sounds in the vicinity of recreational facilities.

d) Some properties are located in the wide-open space and to access them it is necessary to take local roads, which condition and safety may affect the actual weather. Therefore, Uphill Travel cannot be held responsible for the quality of these routes and customer acknowledges it.

e) It is not possible to claim older building equipment, kitchen equipment, the steepness of stairs. Property facilities is described on the website, so you can claim only the missing equipment compared to property description.

10. Validity of the conditions

These General and Cancellation conditions have come into effect since 22.3.2010 and are valid until promulgation of new conditions.